I Know I'm Different

I wont deny that I am a very complicated person. Very few people understand me but then again I dont understand them. I have a very complex way of reasoning and I make situations so complicated for myself that what was actually a simple problem I have made it so complicated in my own mind I just cant see a solution. But what fuels my complicated personality is what I call my conspiracy theories I have a conspiracy theory 4 every person and every situation I drive myself mad. I am a complicated person to understand but in many instances I am the simpliest person maybe thats whats makes me complicated.
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2 Responses Mar 29, 2012

Yup, that can sum it up...nobody seems to come close in getting me...Nor do I care.<br />
But I feel, I get most if not all.<br />
It's better to be understanding then to be understood anyways.

Well, um good luck :D