Myabee This Makes Sense

I have finally come the conclusion that perhaps we are not all going through different thing it just seems we all have different problems when maybe this is the grand illusion that burns us while we are alive a grave deception that has been executed flawlessly if this is the case when it could be a reality that the fact is we just want to love our self and be who we were born to be and excepted for our selves as an individual and all want to be loved. anyway that is what one theory is that is what I want anyway,Buit this is what I see that happens we start a new born a being that is perfect and speaks in tounges and are taught to communicate and are taught non since raised around negative and get molded by trying to get or receive love or favor for others and lose touch with all we had in the first place and to gain favor and excepted by each other we act and deceive in hopes that if we tell the individual what we believe they would enjoy or flatter them when however it is very honorable thought but destroys us and deceives us all flawlessly a perfect reason to hate and loath oneself it is brilliant in a most sicking way if that is the case we all not to blame just poor victims and even though it is actually in my mind a very noble and very honorable gesture so if this is the case we are a very graceful race indeed and should real love this about us so my suggestion if you believe this is your case you should be thrilled and really fall in love with one self remember this is an idea just because I say it does not make it so .
Seventhirty457 Seventhirty457
31-35, M
May 8, 2012