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I live in india. I am a muslim and in Gmost of muslims the girls are not allowed to study after class 6. Till class6 iwas treated properly but from 2 months it is horrible. I have 3 male and 2 female members in my family. Every day I get raped by either my eldest brother either my second eldest brother or by my father.it is the same with my mom . We are always kept locked in my room( naked) . Once a week we are allowed to wear clothes and come out of the room but never outside the house. It is now that day of the week. Every day two hours, one by one we are raped by each male menber of the family. Me and my mom have no other option. After the day torture , at night after dinner only I not my mom has to get a massage from both my brothers. Not head massage, NOT back massage but only BREAST massaged. From last two months i am suffering from sexual abuse . And oh i forgot to tell you something... Every morning I have to serve my dad his tea in his room and and have to sit in front of him (naked) and wait till he finishes his tea . After he finishes he asks me to lie down and then he takes his hand slowly up from my vagina to my breasts and then he squishes and pull and sucks my breast( even though theres no milk yet) and pinches my nipples . It pains like hell and it is still paining. My mom told me that it will go on till i get married and even after marriage that is my whole life. I have nothing left in my life. :(
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don't you have any relatives? don't you go to mosque? what about police? your father and brothers are not humans.. you have to go to police , how is your mother let them do that for you and your sis's..... i know that is tooo hard to confess and how will be the view of the society you live in... but you have to be courage and end your suffer and have a new fresh start... getting married is not the solution for your problem...

Is that how Muslims are? So I heard actually, from another victim. Personally, I hope for You that this prognosis will not came true and You find love and respect. You do not know your fate.

I would like You to be right! Otherwise, it is very worying.