Hey been a while since I last visited EP I just like to share my story
 This was me three years ago
I'm a guy but I look more femine and act more femine than my sister,
I eat a lot but I never get fat,
I have a reputation as a good guy but I'm actually sadistic,
I look innocent but I'm great at lying ,
I look timid but I'm actually the opposite,
I may look like a child but actually I'm more mature than my seniors,
I have determination to finish school but I'm too lazy to do anything,
I look like a delinquent but actually I'm the type of guy who will never leave you no matter what,
I belong to a catholic family but I call myself christian,
I seem harmless but I'm more cunning as a fox,
I try to get a girlfriend but they treat me as one their "Girlfriends",
I am good at school but forget everything after a month,
I may look happy but deep down the pain never leave me,

In the end they left me no one came back save me and my old self died along with his old personality.

I'm just expressing years of my pain
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Nov 26, 2012