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And it would be scary to find someone who really understood me... there is always something new and different and (sometimes) exciting about me... to truly understand me... under all the complicated structures... would be an amazing feat. Someone would have to really take a liking to me to take the time and trouble to try to "get" me...  This mind of mine is so very complicated.. so many details.. so much thought... so very strange.. and not at all simple. My mind works in such mysterious ways, it sometimes scares me... and I like it.
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1 Response Jun 29, 2007

I'm wondering how you managed to get this amazing this quickly. I've always been very complicated, a grab bag of contradictions, and it made me feel lonely because I was certain I'd never be fully understood. Now I'm happy because so many people understand me to a degree. Most of all, I understand myself pretty well, at least in the important areas. I frankly would be appalled to encounter somebody who understood me completely at this point - it would be unnerving. Now I am content to wander through my mind, heart, and soul like a blind bus conductor wandering through a very large supermarket in the middle of the night - in France. I don't need to know everything anymore, complexity and mystery are no longer frightening, they're satisfying.