I have a complicated mind...and i write to all of you who are the same as me..sometimes paranoic, sometimes we think straight..we never know what our mind can do to us or can change us.
I want everyone to take a look sometimes..when theyre calm and realize that life isnt that complicated..that we complicate life too much and we dont deserve this..we are better that that.
We suffer because we make our own bad to ourselves...we suffer because we dont control ourselves..we deserve better so..just, please just ..when youre being complicated just..stay and think straight even if your heart is racing try to stay still and think positive.
Sincerely, to make myself stay still i smoke because i almost never make myself still and trying to stay calm..but you people can do this without help..without cigarettes or whatever..you can be healthy and calm in the same time..
Youll be amazed how youre life will change if youll start with baby steps...im doing this too and its working..
Good luck friends!
BiancaMMM BiancaMMM
18-21, F
Aug 21, 2014