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I Sneak Food In!

I didn't realize that I was an compulsive eater until I had weight loss surgery.  A week after my surgery my husband lost his job.  I wasn't physically hungry, but oh wasn't fair watching him scarf down the food.  Then a separation, going back to school and now trying to find a job.  Sadly I have learned how to eat around my pouch, foods that I can eat alot of without getting to full to quick.  Yes, I get so full I can't hardly breath.

Things in my life get worse, my eating gets worse.  I went and bought a box of pop tarts and sneaked them into the house in my purse.  I ate them all in one night, a bag of marshmallows and list goes on and on.  I want to stop.  I start off so good then by 4 a clock it all falls apart.  I am so lost, I feel like I either eat, sleep or cry.  Well sadly I can usually eat with out anyone noticing.......
pur5t9zhk7 pur5t9zhk7 31-35 3 Responses Jun 2, 2010

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I too had weight loss surgery. I knew before I had surgery that I ate compulsively. I thought the surgery would Force me to make better choices. Like you I found ways around to eat. I ate sunflower seeds and drank coffee. Now, I am out of control. I am having issues with my health. I have loss vision and it is freaking me out. I have been binging for about a week and I feel like I am in a hole. It hurts and I know I need help. I am going to make an appointment with a counselor. Keep in touch. I can use the support right now.

You need more protein in your diet. Try getting a handful size of healthy protein with every meal and start having protein shakes for snacks.<br />
<br />
You probably also want to increase your fibre with something in your morning meal.<br />
<br />
Both will slow down your digestion and make you crave food less.

Everybody on the planet seems to have one type of addiction or another. Some are addicted to what other people think. Some are addicted to computers, TV, books or movies (any way they can escape from reality). There are the commonly known drug and alcohol addictions, lesser known such as gambling or sex addictions. Having said all that, clearly, you mood-alter your emotional pain through food. You are clearly aware that you do this and that it isn't good for you, so there is no reason to say anything more about that. BUT there is one thing I want to tell you, which is that it is very important to be able to sit with your emotional pain without reacting to it or acting it out. Just feel it, and don't judge yourself for it. Life will always have pain in it, and running away from our emotions always destroys us. It's important to know that when life makes you feel inadequate that it does not mean you are inadequate. Feelings are not fact. Feel it so the feelings don't grow. And then remember you are human just like all of us, that you have good things and bad things about you and that is just fine! And then remember, you are not alone, no matter how you feel. Let the feelings run their course and dont' run or hide from them. What you resist persists, so let your feelings happen, but try not to take them too seriously, because seriously -- life is like this and you are one of us, and all is well, no matter how it looks at the time. There. That's a mouthful! All my best to you with hugs on top!