I Sneak Food In!

I didn't realize that I was an compulsive eater until I had weight loss surgery.  A week after my surgery my husband lost his job.  I wasn't physically hungry, but oh man...it wasn't fair watching him scarf down the food.  Then a separation, going back to school and now trying to find a job.  Sadly I have learned how to eat around my pouch, foods that I can eat alot of without getting to full to quick.  Yes, I get so full I can't hardly breath.

Things in my life get worse, my eating gets worse.  I went and bought a box of pop tarts and sneaked them into the house in my purse.  I ate them all in one night, a bag of marshmallows and list goes on and on.  I want to stop.  I start off so good then by 4 a clock it all falls apart.  I am so lost, I feel like I either eat, sleep or cry.  Well sadly I can usually eat with out anyone noticing.......
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I too had weight loss surgery. I knew before I had surgery that I ate compulsively. I thought the surgery would Force me to make better choices. Like you I found ways around to eat. I ate sunflower seeds and drank coffee. Now, I am out of control. I am having issues with my health. I have loss vision and it is freaking me out. I have been binging for about a week and I feel like I am in a hole. It hurts and I know I need help. I am going to make an appointment with a counselor. Keep in touch. I can use the support right now.

You need more protein in your diet. Try getting a handful size of healthy protein with every meal and start having protein shakes for snacks.<br />
<br />
You probably also want to increase your fibre with something in your morning meal.<br />
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Both will slow down your digestion and make you crave food less.