Lost 40 Pounds...dont Want To Gain It Back

I've lost 40 pounds this year using weight watchers and exercise.

I've been off plan for about 2 months now (mostly due to stress) and I know I'm beginning to fall back into the same bad patterns I was in a year ago.

I just ate half a pint of ben and jerry's ice cream...a slice of pecan pie...a mr. goodbar, panda express.

earlier today i had kfc for lunch along with brownies and candy.

yesterday i ate an entire order of little ceasar's crazy bread before eating a sandwich and chips.

i'm still exercising fairly reguarly so i'm maintaining the 40 pound loss but im not losing anything else and i find myself getting way out of control lately.

its like the thought of some fried/buttered/sugary/salty food invades my head and my entire being is focused on that until i eat it. afterwards i feel guilty and weak and convince myself that i'll be able to resist next time.

i know im strong enough to take control back...i just have to follow through!!

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3 Responses Dec 1, 2011

Shift to high protein and cut out starches. You'll find some of those craving slowly leave you.<br />
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When you decide to 'break the rules' pick one thing and eat it. But look at the size of the thing. There are many studies that show the size of the serving causes greater consumption.<br />
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So don't buy large sizes of anything you crave.<br />
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Take up oral sex. I have known a number of women who had compulsive eating behaviors and took up oral sex with a circle of men. They served a great community service (sorry for that pun) and lost more weight.

I stuggle with the same thing of maintaining the weight after losing it .So you need to keep going to the meetings.As a lifetime member you weigh in once a month and get to go to meetings free as long as you don't gain more than 5 lbs.I need to lose 50 lbs myself

people slip once and a while so what. good thing about the past is that it is over. you can continue things differently then you have already done them. :) you know what to do, i believe in you