Food Your The Love Of My Life

I've always enjoyed food, the many different taste, textures and experiences each meal can provide, the cheerful social interactions when eating with friends or family; but my love for food has become something else now. Something dark, a bottomless pit, my shameful secret that I do alone in the attic, shades drawn, curtains closed and mirrors covered.

 Shhh... Bet not tell nobody but God...

I use to use drugs, now "Mother Opiate", has been replaced with every imaginable food from Angel Hair Pasta to Zinger snack cakes. I cop at the grocery store and I get that high just thinking about what I’ll buy, how it will feel as I stuff down the food, the pain, the disappointments and all these excessive unrelenting thoughts.

Ummm... That’s better. Yes I feel good, comforted, loved, that euphoric experience, WHAT a rush! Food my Love, I Love You, Your the Love of my Life...

But only for awhile and then the pain, disappointments, and caterwauling contemplation begins anew. In enters self loathing, promises and plans of never doing it again. My Lover mocks me and asks, Why do I continue to deceive myself? And I reply as always...  

Ferdam Ferdam
26-30, F
4 Responses Apr 16, 2012


try takings a dose of colon cleaners and see how your health improves....

My boyfriend says "Food is always there for me. It never rejects me. It's always comforting and it tastes good and it gives me pleasure, so why wouldn't I eat?" Food is like a good friend. <br />
<br />
Until it makes your butt so big that your pants rip. But even then food won't laugh at you.

True! It'll just keep making your butt bigger and bigger until it's deliciously huge! :)

Nice first post, look forward to seeing how you progress ;-)