I Eat Up To 3000calories In One Sitting

I know it's crazy. But I've just had a binge consisting of 4 big fried tofus, 3 fried prawns, a cup of peanuts, chips, 2 hugeass chocolate muffins, 2 curry puffs, fried vegetables, a cup of yogurt, a chocolate bar and 2 cans of sweetened soyabean drink.

I hope someone could act as my weightloss/control buddy and whenever I feel like I've an urge to binge, I could write to that person and we could motivate and support each other along the way. I really want my life back. I haven't got out of my house for 3 months. I think I really need a lot of help.
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2 Responses Sep 7, 2012

Hey I know you wrote this post a long time ago but I was wondering if you still feel the same way and if you still need a buddy? I feel exactly the same way and I think we could motivate each other to beat this

I can help you gain weight!! It is soo much easier than loosing weight. Why not gain instead of loose?

About a couple of hrs has passed. And I had another binge consisting of 4 sticks of ice cream, 4 slices of toast, one bag of cheese biscuits, 1 cup of milkshake, a chicken bun and some chips. <br />
<br />
My mom caught me and I hurried back to my room, plonked my fat body on the bed and cried. <br />
<br />
Really in need of help, pls somemore give me some advice im going mad