Food Is My Life

Let's see... What have I eaten so far today? Too much crap, as always.

Breakfast today was Cheerios with soy milk, a nonfat Greek yogurt, then...I had, I think, 3 homemade brownies. I went to school and ate two more brownies, a yogurt, and a banana. I came home and ate Triscuit crackers, a banana, another brownie, a Quaker oatmeal cookie, peanut butter with walnuts, brown sugar, agave, and cocoa powder...and now I'm off to my voice lessons. Why do I eat so much...garbage?? It seems like I can't stop.
I used to have an eating disorder and eat less than 1000 calories a day. Now I feel trapped. I eat for no freaking reason 24/7. I always have good intentions and I used to be the healthiest eater because I truly enjoy fresh foods, but always go down hill. I will bake a batch of cookies for a friend's birthday, put 4-6 of them in my backpack and go to school, then lose self control and eat all of them, only to return home to finish off most of the rest of the batch.
Ugh...I feel so hopeless and just pathetic.

Help me please! I need advice. If you have any support, it would much appreciated.
Thank you!
brittanylouis92 brittanylouis92
13-15, F
2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

what Im getting from this story is.. you are full of brownies! hehe :)

I'm 14 and not interested in that, wismojo. I love dance, theatre, and moving around. The feedee/feederism life is not for me whatsoever.