Compulsive Liar...

I have been doing this since I was 14, I am now 16. And I love lies. I love to play with people's mind, I have a different story everywhere I

go. I never mix them up. But lying isnt very good when you get caught making a lie, the truth. Not sure if you understood that. For

example, I said I was cutting myself, but I wasn't , so to have evidence I ''was'', I cutted myself and got caught. They hospitalized me in a

mental hospital because of that, stupid lie. That's what I meant. But being there didn't change my mind. I continued lying afterwards,

and I love it even more, despite the fact that now i'm limited, that is if I dont want to go back to the hospital again. About 2 days ago, I

told my best friend that I am a compulsive liar, and so far everything is good. The only thing that worries me is when school starts, she

will know when I'm telling a lie to other people, and I am a very impulsive person, I dont want to hurt her. I really dont know what to do.
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It will START OUT FUN, Most sins do trust me I know . Soon your lies will have no limits friend family anyone really . The worst part is when it happens and it will you will start to believe your own lies and these lies like you think you can handle it. These very lies will lead you to jail and then lead to your grave. I have seen it with my very own eye. Stood hopeless by. You see you think your fooling everyone but you are the only one fooled. Because you will get traped by your own lies.

The thing is it adds to your image ONLY in your mind. People will soon figure you out. A random person on the street won't but Family, friends, coworkers, people you're around alot all figure it out and as awkward as it is for you to get caught in a lie it's just as awkward for many people to confront your lies to you. I was friends with a compulsive liar. We all knew (and by 'we' i'm talking about everyone else who knew her.) I was always humor her lies and just figured that it was just who she was, A liar.. Until one day i just snapped because she not only lied for attention she talked/gossiped constantly about everyone esp her so called 'friends'. And of course it was exaggerated stuff that wasen't true. I was hanging out with two of my friends and we just finally told each other what lies have been said about us. We all knew she was a liar, we've always known but i finally had it. I've known her since we were 14 and i was just sick and tired of the lies, nothing about what she says is true and i can't trust her and she won't admit or go to theropy so i ended it a few months ago for good. This is the longest time in the 10 years i've known her that we haven't talked and i dont ever plan on talking to her again. She needs help. You kno you have a problem so your best bet is to seek a therapist. You've already told your friend which is good but it will all backfire on you. Whatever image your trying to get won't happen, you'll be known as a liar not someone who is ''real'' so go get help asap. Compulsive liars have abetter chance of getting better unlike pathological liars.

It gets you attention. It adds to your image, it makes you more interesting. I am convinced I am not interesting enough, even though I have been told that I am too interesting. I have to lie. I do it for my own benefit. I love it, and I hate it. I'm a liar and am in love with myself while hating myself at the same time. Make sense? I even lie to myself. You sound like a pathological liar, somebody who does it for a reason, not just habit. (That's what I am.) I can relate to the cutting thing, but I actually was cutting. I only lied about where it was and how deep it was. So I made my evidence and it was considered a suicide attempt. That's when I, also, ended up hospitalized. Lying is great. At the same time though, it's horrible. I've decided to put my lying to good use though; I am working to become a published writer. That way, I can lie all I want in my books. And there is no wrong in that.