I Have A Lying Problem

throughout my entire life i have gone through these "phases" where i lie consistantly or i lie on a more casual basis however what sends me on my lying spells is when i get caught in a lie. i dont lie to cover up lies but rather just tell new ones all over the place i know i need help and a few hours ago i just accepted i had a problem, but the problem is i am not sure where to go from here. you see the truth feels akward when it comes from my lips when i lie it feels right and it feels natural although i know that im wrong i just cant stop and this is where the problem lies. for my i have no idea how to fix this and i have no idea how long i can go telling the truth, and all of these things are steps that ive been told are imperative for me to stop yet i cant even start on the basics to fix my problem so how can i stop?
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2 Responses Nov 4, 2011

The most effective way to get helf is by talking to a therapist - that will help you figure out why you are lying and help you stop. IT might mot be the easiest thing to do but its the only way to ensure that you are taking care of it - and you will feel confidant that you are in control. <br />
Try it - youl feel better after...

ive had the same issuse for about 4 yhrs i lied cosistently about everything to everyone from small lies to me dislikeing dogs to massive hottid lies like having a dead father and more siblings than i actully have.i got so used to telling the lie i had made up and memorised bak stories to hows and wens.even now my wife dousnt no but i havnt spoke about these things for upto 9yhrs now and if ever it came up i wud change convo.but as for lieing i have stoped and the way i did it was to think about absolutly everything befor i spoke iv not told a major lie for over 3 yhrs but never did confese my lies to any1.by now even know i used to be a compulsive lier i find my self geting incredably angry at outher people liein to apoint were i struk a nabor in the face for moving my mail and being a big 29 year old man got my self into alot of trouble but am deling with my issusse day buy day on my own never addmiting to annyone what i have done.i am sorry for my spelling and hope it gives any1 who had my problem hope.