The Life I Live In The Mirror

I have been lying since a very young age... i have become such a good liar that those who think they know me say im a horrible liar and im too sweet to lie. When in reality i will bluntly tell them what ive done and they will and say see how bad she is at lying ....and i can make up a whole weekend of fabrications and they will feed offeveryword i say. Quite frankly im sick of me. I stare at the mirror and see everything every1 wants me to be and what every1 believes me to be.
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1 Response Jul 5, 2012

The important thing is that do what you what is right for you. If you think you need to make some changes then do them. You see the fact that you can lie about things and have people believe you isn’t necessarily that bad, if you can believe some of the lies yourself. What I mean is tell yourself something that you want, believe that you have the power to do it, then go out and try. You may fail at first, but believing in one’s self is always the majority of the battle… just don’t tell yourself you can fly w/o being in a glider, airplane, or having a jet back because well, that won’t work. Lol (oh and what I said about lying to yourself isn’t lying so you’ll be making a change already it’s basically self-motivation/confidence and I’m sure you already have done this before in some tough boxing matches)

You just got to believe is all! When I was in college we had a lot of motivational speakers talk to us the night before the games and our coach was pretty good at that too when I played juco, and I remember a lot of the things they said would kind of make you think they were full of crap…. Then they’d do that whole “Close your eyes and see it!” technique and although maybe it didn’t play out exactly like it did in your head, you still got the end result you wanted. Another thing you should know…. Although you may feel responsible for telling all the falsehoods you say you have, a majority of them are coming from an outside pressure that makes you feel like you have to live up to something, please someone, or protect someone or even yourself. So don’t be so hard on yourself otherwise you will keep continuing with it, just remember that it takes small steps, and that ultimately the only person you have to prove anything to and make happy is you first and foremost.

Is Charlie Sheen your therapist or Jack Nicholson? Lol j/k Therapy is good, and writing about things is good too. If you ever need to talk about anything or nothing, you can drop me a PM.