At The Bottom

im a compulsive liar, i didnt even know how all this start how old i was or anythig the only think i know is when i start i cant stop to i get cought happen to me recently the made up a person a fake person to get my ex girlfriend in love because i was jelous i didnt know where to stop and the lie got to big the i have to kill the fake person everthing get really bad and didnt hit me to she find out, she went to a theraphys sessions and she start lookong aroung who this person really was and she didnt find anything but a huge road of lies i made from me at this point i find out myself swiming in a river of lies i need to change or im going to lose the only person i ever care about in my life i aldo need to do it because i want to be better and lies are only destroying my life
daysichavez84 daysichavez84
26-30, M
Nov 28, 2012