I Want To Change

Hello all, I have an issue and that issue is that I lie about stupid stuff to the person I love the most. I don't even realize I do it. Sometimes I think its to keep her from getting hurt but by manipulating the truth, I am only hurting her more. Does anyone have any techniques I can use to move out of this wickedly stupid stage in my life? Its ridiculous and I'm hoping to talk to people about it so I can grow the F up. Thank you!
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

I lie too. But I do not to one person. I lie to all the peers. In my life there never was a day in which I did not lied. And I lie about small and big stuffs. It comes easy to me to just lie.
I tried to limit myself from this.
Is hard and I am not done.
Try not to answer when you want to lie.
Try to say to her that you are busy, but listen to her and give a repose later.
I do the above and I try to make the subject boring and make the others to change it.
Also go on a walk, park, street, even in a market. Identify the liars based on your experience and observe them. Them try to observe yourself when you say a lie.

Most important evoid answering and DO NOT evoid her eyes when you are talking to her.