Mental Illness+lying = Disaster.

So when I was about 16 I used to get caught in my own delusions and because I'd lied so much. I hated high school everyone new me as a liar. Because i had no idea how to make it all stop or keep up. so i just stuck to a couple of people and hid from humiliation. If this wasn't bad enough I started having massive tantrums. Screaming, yelling, spiraling into massive depressions then 20mins later being complacent with life then amped and excited about a brand new life. This continued on until I was 22 yrs old. I met some good people who pointed me in the right direction. i was then diagnosed with late on set Bi-Polar 2 disorder. This shocked me but it made a lot of sense. I began therapy shortly after my diagnoses and started a anti-depressants and mood stabilizers for Bi-polar disorder. if you feel as if your symptoms are abnormal don't try to diagnose yourself with the internet-go talk to someone! You are not alone! unknowingly trying to deal with mental illness will cause cause and make compulsive lying ten times worse. i am relieved that i finally have a forum to say these things on! i hope someone understands where i'm coming from.

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Bipolar disorder is primarily associated with mood. Compulsive lying itself is not a mental disorder. Rather, such lying is seen as symptomatic of an existing personality disorder such as narcissism, mental illness such as psychopathy, sociopathy or delusional thought processes in the form of schizophrenia, etc. Please, if you genuinely want to stop, truly identify and acknowledge the root of the problem. I have spent my entire life dealing with an emotional, psychological abuser. Upon being exposed and confronted, he displayed a plausible willingness to change; but this also was a lie. Overall, there is much cynicism regarding the ability to treat this condition, its widely understood to be permanent and incurable; rehabilitation from pathological lying without addressing the underlying problems would be ineffective. Even if the core personality traits of psychopaths and sociopaths (impulsivity, grandiosity, manipulation and remorselessness) are exceedingly difficult to change, actions and behaviors are at least manageable.

You have taken the first step. It takes courage to be honest with yourself. KUDOS!