Idk Why

its werid I lie about a lot of things i tell people their things wrong with me and I talk about family member who don't exist. Idk its hard to tell if I'm l lying or truthing. :|
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

Hi SmallKid,
You are not unusual with your lying. I recently completed research about people who lie like you do and the same story almost is told over and over again - only the characters change. What was striking to me too throughout the research was how young people where too when they first started lying. Many people remember lying big lies and small lies in kindergarten.

I concluded that what people have is an addiction to lying as opposed to anything else. I have over 25 years personal and professional experience of addictions of all types and the lying I was reading about had all the trademarks of addictive behavior.

I recently published a book to help people who lie. It's called "When Truth is Not Enough: Insights into the Minds of Lying Addicts" by Billi Caine. You can find it on Amazon Kindle.

There is hope and there is help.

Hang on in there.
Billi Caine

its gotta worst recently I can look people in the eyes and lie to them