Teen Liar

I lie over the tinest things! it's soo stupid. I can feel the lies coming up all time. I hear myself say them eg: I was at school the other day and our teacher gave a sheet out to the class for us to do. I did it, no problem and so did everyone esle, BUT i then told my friend that the teacher gave me a harder sheet than everyone else in the class and i aced it. . not true. I was not trying to impress her, we've been friends for ages i don't care, but it still comes out. SO WERID lol'

aimee335 aimee335
3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

It happens to me all the time x[

I know exactly what you mean...and its like after you say it you are like why in the world did i just say this again...

it happens to me too....