Ive been doing good, but not great.

I found employment at a company that so far i cant seem to find any downsides to. Its been two weeks since my last post though, a little spaced since i really want this to be a place i can share and find support in. I haven't lied again, part of me is worried that im going to give in and not think my answers through, but i feel pretty good about myself and things seem to be on the up!!

Thanks for reading, sorry theres so many grammatical errors as im typing on my mobile device :/
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1 Response Aug 20, 2014

I envy you. I used to lie so much that it became a habit not to tell the truth. Two months ago, I decided to make myself better, to stop lying. But ever since, I've lost most of my friends due to my honesty. My family hates me. My colleagues despise me.

Hey man hang in there, do you have a small example? Maybe I can offer some insight.