Screwed up tonight...

Long story short my girlfriend and i responded to my nomination of an ALS ice bucket challenge, when i was asked about it the next day at work instead of answering honestly that it was mostly her idea i said it was my own.

It was a quick response, when i was recapping my evening to my SO and told her what i said she wasnt very happy with me. Not only did i lie, i lied without reason or cause and undercut her in front of my coworkers. I feel terrible, the only explanation i can come to is that i did it to be the center of attention...
Im down, i really upset the woman i love and lied for no reason. Good times come with bad i guess, i just wish there were more good and less and less bad... another crap weakness of mine is whenever she gets upset with me i shut down from guilt. She only wants me to talk to her and discuss what happened but all i can think of is guilt and sadness; its paralyzing. I have a lot to work on. Looking for some good vibes..
shafer2100 shafer2100
26-30, M
Aug 21, 2014