I'm kind of a compulsive liar.. I've lied about really serious things. I've gone to therapists & doctors and I've tried everything. I feel terrible about it.. I hate hurting people. plus, it has cost me a relationship I really cared about. I hate ruining trust with people.. yet I have trouble restraining myself. I need suggestions on how to stop this terrible habit!! ):
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1 Response Aug 25, 2014

Hello, I too have literally just realized I am a compulsive liar, and I do have a major problem. my gf of 3 years caught me in a lie, which all culminated to me recognizing this awful problem. The first thing you need to do, is tell every single person you have ever lied to what you lied about. You have already admitted you have a problem, which is the hardest thing to do at first. Next thing is, to assure everyone you will get help for it. I am about to get help for it as well. Because if you continue to not get help, it will ruin your life, in all aspects of it. I hope this has helped, and definitely you can always ask questions, I m here to help