It Just Blurted Out

I've never really had a problem with lying before. I mean, I've exaggerated a little bit here and there, but nothing major.

Today was odd though. Before I go into deep detail, let me explain my life at home. I'm one of five kids, and I'm fourteen years old. All seven of us live in a three bedroom apartment. But my sister only lives with us on the weekends. During the week she's at her boyfriends.
In my apartment complex they have a pool, a 24 hour work out gym, a hot tub, and a mail room. Right next to the mail room is a small lake and a four foot gator lives in there, I have decided to call him Gary. Yes, this little bit of information is important.

My dad was at work today, my mom was visiting a friend in the hospital (she went into labor) and I was at home with my three brothers. It was around five or six o clock, and I was incredibly bored. My oldest brother was watching T.V. and my two other brothers were playing Halo.

So, to cure my boredom I decide to go for a walk. I stopped by the mail room to see Gary the gator, like I do every day. Some people walked by, said hello, but other then that nothing else happened. I was getting pretty upset because I wanted a cigarette, and unfortunately I didn't have any on me. So, what I've been doing to bum cigarettes off people, I go up to them and ask, "Excuse me, you don't have a cigarette on you, do you?"

It's been working pretty well so far, so I decided to find someone and try it out. I go down to the pool and I see some guy with a six pack and reading a magazine. I walk up to him, normal enough guy. Probably in his early twenties. I go up to him, ask him if he has a cigarette, and he says yeah.

His name is Matt, or Mike, I can't remember. He's 24 and has a one year old son. We get talking and eventually he asks me, "So, do you live by yourself?"

Instead of saying, "No, I'm still a minor," I say, "Yeah, it's me and my older brother." Really, it just came out, and I didnt do anything to stop it. It was almost like word vomit.

I go on and on saying how it's me and my brother, that I'm a hair stylist but I want to be a psychologist. We talk for about an hour before I go home saying, "I should probably head home. I've got laundry to do and I need to make my brother some dinner."

Why did I do that? What makes things even worse, is that I liked it.  This guy really thought I was nineteen and living with my 22 year old brother (he's 19). This person, that I was saying that I was, is the person I want to be.

I'm already in therapy thanks to bad anxiety and symptoms for PTSD. So, yeah this worries me.

What do I do?



necroXpirate necroXpirate
1 Response Mar 20, 2009

Nothing just don't get caught.<br />
<br />
It's fun, it's exhilerating, and why would you *not* do it?

That's terrible advise, I hope this person is being sarcastic.