I Don't Know Why I Do It!

when i was a kid i was a geek really, my folks always told me studies and bettering yourself was the right way, now while this made me good at school it didnt help my social life, i basically had no friends and was made fun of.   after a few years of this i was tired of i and wanted to fit in, i was no good in covnersations as most of my time was spent doing homework and learning more stuff at home from my mum, so to start with i tried to be me, but i was ognored or mocked, so i made up a story about something i did and there was interest, since then when talking i exagerate sometimes as i always feel boring and inadequet.  I dnt do it anywhere as much sa i did as a kid, but when am in a conversation sometimes the lie jumps out before i realise it, i know am always trying to compensate but i dont know how to stop it.  I read about wearing a bracelet thing to remind you not to lie but it didnt help me in the least.  I really wanna stop the small lies i stil make, there not serious lies mostly just an add on to a true story, but i hate it and i want it to stop.  How do i become honest?  

pooriprincess pooriprincess
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 4, 2010

You lie because you want to be liked. Learn to laugh at your short comings. I don't have a problem with lying but I tend to hate on myself for no reason. So I just make fun of myself without taking it seriously. People seem to like that. Talk about who you really are, and make light of it. People always feel like **** when it comes to themselves.<br />
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One of my best buddies was a chronic liar. We usually just let him lie his *** off and never said anything. People can tell when you're lying. If you don't want a reputation, just give it up and try being yourself. The people who really like you like you even if you're a bull *******.