I Can't Seem To Stop...

Now i'm typing it, it seems ridiculous, my lies are HUGE, i literally don't know how I manage to keep control of them all. My biggest fall down, is that i create people to make myself sound more interesting. For example, i'll tell my best friend about my boyfriend "James" who doesn't exist and never will, and when she wants to know stuff, the lies just get bigger and bigger.

I was already caught out before when i created a girl who was bisexual, and was obviously fictional, i feel like im digging myself into bigger holes, i try to make myself stop, but i cant, i guess i just feel the need to be more popular and out there, im sick of this illness destroying me, thats if it is an illness, because sometimes i doubt whether i'm just sick and i have no problem at all, instead im just a plain liar.

I know i need help, but im just not one to ask for it, im more the suffer in silence. HELP??

leo22 leo22
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 9, 2010

I know exactly where you are....you aren't alone. I am in college now and I have made some HUGE HUGE lies like that. You aren't alone, I promise.