Red Light For My Lying Habit

I have always lied. Since i was a kid and from there onwards. My father lied fairly much too. I guess i got his genes. But he's not to blame. It's me. In the past few months i've realised how much trouble my lying is costing me. Thank god i caught it early, i'm not a social outcast. Yet. And i won't be one. Because i've set my mind to stop this ridiculous habit. It's been 2 days now and everyone's experience story has been useful to me. THANKS! At the end of the day, i write my diary about being honest. the word 'happy' is used a lot  LOL. I still have my friends on my side and i do not intend to lose them. Those who are already lost, well, let bygones be bygones and let's hope they'll stop talking about me. They probably have since they have much bitchier stuff to deal with. And some of them have taken the opportunity to twist and turn my words (that i didn't lie of course) and i'm tired to correct those who heard wrongly of me. I'm just gonna move on and leave them aside. I'm not even going to try to win them back. I shouldn't. That is my punishment for lying. And a reward too. For waking me up from my life full of lies. Good luck!  

haleyVDB haleyVDB
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 28, 2010

i lie to pplz faces all the time, i lie when i say im happy, that i'm ok, i lie when i say that i'm sane, i lie when i say that the world is a beautiful place, i lie when i say i want to live, i lie so much it ******* hurts, hell i lie to myself and pretend i'm happy. life ******* sucks, lifes a real *****, i just feel like yelling and saying, **** the world, i'm not staying here no more!