My Wife (and "Mommy") truly feels that little boys, and especially married grown men who "play with their wee-wee's" should be soundly spanked to punish them and discourage them from continuing their "dirty, disgusting" habit. Yesterday, at Food Lion, we saw a little boy of around five who was obviously "playing with himself". She said to me, "What kind of mother let's her son do that in the middle of a grocery store in front of every one here?" She was irate. She said the mother should push her cart over to the side, take him by his arm to the car, pull his pants down, and spank him on his bare bottom till he couldn't sit. My wife is often very old-fashioned, but i personally admire women who are.
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Yes, i think it offends the sensibilities of many women, though probably fewer now than in the past. My step-mom was revolted by it for many reasons.