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I Am A Compulsive Skin Picker.

As horrible as that may sound... i have come to realize that i am not alone with it.. i have been doing it for years and am still young at this moment. i feel terrible, considering the other paranoia and delusional disorders i suffer from. Im also scared, and i feel like i have gone crazy. I pick when im sad, happy, bored, lazy, mad, etc. its a non stop, and my feet are my worst spots to pick.
liveXlifeXsimple liveXlifeXsimple 18-21, F 1 Response May 2, 2012

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I compulsively banged my head until the age of ten. I had to rock, my head had to hit couch/bed/ school bus seats. Constantly. From the age of two. The Doc told my parents I was a very active child and it would settle when I went to school.... It surely did not! But, I did grow out of it. No one thought I ever would. At 11 I went to boarding school and I had no inclination anymore to bang my head/rock. To look bac on it now, it's amusing. But it was really a fierce compulsion.