Oh Yeah It's A Lost Cause.

I think I've practically ruined my face due to this problem. I never leave the house without make up. I probably couldn't even get a job if I didn't have make up. Guys I date never see me without make up. If I ever spend the night I have to wake up early just to make sure they don't see what I really look like underneath the make up. It's really that bad. I wish I had really good skin but I don't. 

You know whats even worse. I get offended when other people tell me what would help my skin. I know theyre trying to help but its such a touchy subject for me I feel like theyre judging me.

sparecincture sparecincture
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

I'll definately look into it! Its better coming from somene who understands as opposed to someone whos always had perfect skin! I hope this can minimize my spending on make up :D thank you Reillyz

hey, I got the same problem...but I just bought this stuff from Clarins. It's called Bright Plus HP and the intensive brightening smoothing serum. They were pretty expensive, but so far it's been amazing.. I can actually see my skin beginning to tone down and even out. I hope you don't think I'm judging you..my mom gave me **** about it all the time. Murad's been helping too...it's a long tedious process, and I'm dying trying to keep my hands away from my face..but it's starting to work.