Suffering For 7 Years

i've been suffering from CSP for about 7 years now ..that time i didn't know what it is i thought there was something wrong with me ..i can remember how i hated myself so damn much i hated everything and everyone i was in deep pain...i couldn't even talk about it coz i didn't know what to say! i felt alone and misunderstood i thought about killing myself couple of times ...i tried to stop millions of times but couldn't i used to cry dayz and nights only wish was to give up this habit of mine ..i wouldn't want anything but to have beautiful skin..i am so happy now to know that im not the only one in the world who have much better now my face is much clearer but still there are some dayz when i can't stop my hands from picking and picking ....for all the complusive skin pickers out there i wish u all the best from my heart

* if there's anyone from Saudi Arabia anyone who speaks arabic and  suffers from compulsive skin picking please do contact me i'd love that...thank u

leaderrj leaderrj
18-21, F
Feb 27, 2010