Back When Floppy Disks Were Still Floppy.

Yep. I am an old school computer geek. Started on my Aunt's Commodore 64, and my first computer of my very own was an Apple II GS. Then I switched to the dark side for awhile and taught myself MS DOS 6. I have been tinkering with PCs ever since. I learned how to fix and build PCs in 2003 and got into Linux and then BSD around the same time. I have since gotten back into the CLI on Linux and BSD machines and a few years ago I went back to the Apple platform although now I use low end gently used 2nd hand Macs. I am typing this on a 2003 Power Mac G5 and my main laptop is a 2001 Titanium G4 Powerbook.


My Powerbook finally gave up the ghost but I have replaced it with at lat 2006 Macbook.  My first MacIntel.
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We've still got our Commodore 64 the game we used to play on it is coming back into fashion in a updated version

Cool. Just proves they don't make them like they used to. An Ipad may have more processing power but in 10 years it will probably be a paperweight.

Our Commodore 64 was sold by a company called TIME. and came as a complete package of at least 8 different bits. TIME has since gone belly up (bust) they had a very bad reputation on servicing

For ours we paid £1,100.00p with nothing to pay for 12 months and the game that came with it was a cartridge and called TERMINATOR 2 a modern version is I believe available on disc

Bought it for our sons 10th birthday he's 27 today and it still works when we use it (the Commodore 64 and the game too)

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