I'm most definitely a computer geek.  Just look at that ALT+0220 up there in the title, for crying out loud!  And - who but the nerdiest of nerds would have a tagline like "Me transmite sursum, Caledoni?" (especially considering that he never really said it in ENGLISH, much less Latin).

My only regret about being a geek is that I haven't contributed enough to geekdom.  I feel like I've failed my sworn duty to provide some marker post on the dusty Intarwub road... through code, hilarity, webcomicry, youtübery (yes, with an ALT+0252), or any other means.

So, how about this?:  I propose that all of geekdom take this day - Tuesday - and hereby refer to it as "Shatner."  This would further immortalize the Dread Captain Rob... uh, Kirk... and do a much better job than ridiculous Priceline or DirecTV commercials ever could.

That sounds grand...

Monday... Shatner... Wednesday... Thursday... Nimoy... Saturday... Doohan.
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Also, madisonlouis... it's not Lupus. ^_~

Well, noone today - what with his blasted remains blasted into... well, smaller remains. ^_~<br />
<br />
Rest in pieces (also peace), Mr. Scott.


What? Kahn doesn't get a day?