Massive Emailing

My name is Frank and I'm trying to help my sister with her foundation, see paragraph below. I've posted it on craigslist numerous times till it gets flagged and I post it again.
Were up to about 600 votes. I've got friends that have it on their facebook and still not getting the votes I need. Where can go to get people to vote? I need about 2,100 in 5 days. I thought about someone with a very large email address book, but who?
Can anybody help?

We are in need of your vote. My older sister passed away from cancer, and my younger sister has established a non-profit foundation, Linda's Legacy, with all the proceeds going to the foundation for cancer research and hopefully, soon a cure. We need 2500 votes at the website below within the next 5 days for a $2500.00 donation to the foundation.
You can only vote once a day. Please copy and paste, go to website and vote for Michelle. This will enable the good work to proceed! Thank you so much. Any vote is greatly appreciated.
fpaul fpaul
Jul 11, 2010