I Was A Geek Before Geeks Were Cool

And I'll be one even if after world moves away from us.

When I went to college, there weren't very many schools that taught computer science, but I worked in high school writing accounts payable software for a car repair company. The computer was refrigerator sized and lived in an air conditioned room. Everything was in basic. I actually got my first taste programming on an Apple II. My school had the special card you needed that let you run Pascal. But I spent more time with Forth.

I actually got my degree in Physics, but ended up coding models. I got tired of going to use the company's VAX, so I started simulating nuclear explosions on a Mac Plus we had for work processing. God bless Lightspeed Pascal. I thought maybe I should jump to software, so I started coding in C and managed to get a job writing Mac software. And it was all in from there.

I've bounced around a little and made some moves. But I'm now in my dream job.
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1 Response Sep 23, 2010

I found your story quite intriguing because it so reminds me of my son. He is 32 and though he's incredibly intelligent, has a case of "arrested development" that's quite common with Gen -Exers. <br />
I wish he was out there making his way to his dream job.<br />
I'm so glad you found yours. Thank you for sharing, I'm inspired to write a story about it now.