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It's Not Like The Old Days

(Prepare yourself to endure a rant..)

I remember when the only people on the internet were geeks. I think I preferred that internet, when everything was novel, exciting and new, and everyone was smart and unusual.

Nowadays you have everyone and their mum on the internet, and while I'm all for the inclusiveness, the internet seems to be mirroring the society of the real world, which is not very inclusive of geeks or unusual people at all. There was a much stronger sense of community in the younger days, and everyone was helping everyone else - nowadays people are petrified of strangers and would never normally talk to people they hadn't met before - this is mostly just xenophobia and prejudice. Everyone used to be a lot more genuine and interested in different types of people, there was a lot less fear of the new.

Nowadays it's been reduced to a popularity contest. Geeks are kicked to the bottom of the pile again, and the haven we built has become a playground for the uninteresting. How dull.
emptyroads emptyroads 26-30, M 6 Responses Dec 10, 2010

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Yes I always think that I was born 30 years too late. I would love to back to the beginning of it all back when everything was new and there were so many new ideas that could be created.

I agree with jazzjackrabbit. It sounds like the rant I had about how much I hate my generation, with all of its hipsters and other trend-following wannabes all looking for originality, ironically...I'll just drop that, haha. Simply put, it's true. The Internet has dumbed down so much since founded, all to cater to those who can't have the brains to navigate through it without a "How-To" YouTube video.

Also, there's no avoiding lolcats or memes.

i am the first time on this website and i admit it was hard to understand what some people were saying. ( jazzjackrabbit for example didn't get any sense for myself) <br />
<br />
as for me, i am on these site to find common thinking and interest because i don't like to go outside to drink with my friends. i feel i dont belong there because they dont get me.

:-) This brings back nostalgia from the days people thought gopher was just an annoying pest and my classmates thought Veronica was my "imaginary" girlfriend. The Internet has changed, though not all for the worse... certainly it has become less personal for many and overly personal for the masses. We went from a minority castigated for socializing on an electronic medium (and with those who did the same) to a minority lost in a sea of people who forgot who to socialize except on an electronic medium... We have always been the minority. We have always been apart. Just don't let yourself get lost in the sea, and you will be fine. Remember, they are playing in our world, with our toys... but they don't know all the rules of the game.

paddington - I think you are probably coming from the perspective of a supposed 'normal person' rather than someone unusual, which is why you think there is too much for 'unusual types' on the internet. I disagree with that. I'm all for the unusual.

I have to be honest, I don't agree with your comment. I do agree that the internet has lost its original novel feel but to say that there is no place for those who are unusual on the internet is a grave understatement. From what I've seen of the internet, there's waaaaay too much for those "unusual" types out there. I find the internet exposes the true ways of all people. You can be anyone on the internet, and who will you be? It exposes hidden parts of society, like you said, that life is one giant popularity contest, that people are still prejudice and find it hard to accept changes or what is unusual as you put it.<br />
If you look deep enough into the internet, you will find some pretty kickass stuff though. It can be a horrible place if you look in the wrong places but, it can be a useful tool if you look in the right.