I know my way around computers and am very good at computers ask me anything about them or any ploblems you are having with your computer and I will try to help you
andrewj2014 andrewj2014
22-25, M
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Do you know how to use metasploit? I am trying to be a pro hacker please help.

I have never used one and don't know how to use one but there are books on ebay and videos of how to use them on youtube and my might be able to get the book for free as a pdf of the internet

what exactly you do with computers? are you a programmer or some hardware engineer?

I do both software and hardware such as fix software ploblems, make program's, create websites, create games and fix hardware ploblems

cool ;) Want to work with me? I'm a marketing professional and do jv with programmers, designers, writers .. and create stuffs ;)

Cool I will work with you

awesome, msg me sometime...best work which you have done till now...any dynamic feature rich website...or any cool program you coded or any mobile app/game you've ever made. Just to know the "level" and I'll let you know what we can do together. ;) Pretty bored these days... :((

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