I need help of a computer geek! So I have found someone on a dating site I'm interested in, she has sent me a message on that website but I can't open it because I'm not a full member. Now I've tried findjng her on Facebook but I can't find het at all, I know her first name and where she lives, that's it. I tried searching her picture on Google but with no results, the dating site won't let me see the original code of the picture which makes it impossible to find her. Does anyone know how I can find her on Facebook or find out more about her with as little information as I have???
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4 Responses Aug 23, 2014

Define original code. Did you just right click to see the image or looked up it in the source?

Do you know the city and full name

I know the city but only the first name

Or how to get the original code of the photo even though the dating site has blocked it?

Maybe she wasn't who she said she was.