My Geekhood

I was born into a Windows home, but I am trained in Mac and I am converting myself to being half Linux distro and Windows with some Mac qualitites. I began probramming at the age of 12, mainly in action script and web based stuff. I mostly work with Flash animation stuff, and video editing. I enjoy moddifying hardware like wireless cards to get better signals and i also enjoy softmodding likemy psp. I ride an Electric Bicycle to my high school, and to work. My dad teached IT stuff for microsoft, mainly in large server and sharepoint administration right now but i like to stay on the media side of things. In my free time i am figuring out how to get the most out of my outdated laptop and agressively ahck wifi networks. i am facinated by how they operate, and there is allot of potential in wifi security and control. especialy in thirty years when it will be like a utility and eveyone will have acces to it. i go to 4chan frequently and hack a day (awesome stuff to talk about there). My windows is Xp, and i liek to look at my life with the truth that i am my own administrator.

IvanDude IvanDude
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 24, 2009

Wonderful dude...