I Have Learnt To Eradicate All Human Emotion

I not mix with people cuz they don't invite me ... we don't entertain.... or have guests

and I have learnt to seek my own cousel now...

keep my own best secrets to myself...

I didn't choose this way of life -- way of thinking but I am mostly a computer 

by others doings ... they think they can keep hurting me,  and  as if it  would not change me

into a robot with no heart ...there is a time in everyones life to experience suffering, grief, work and disipline and a time to experiernce love

but everytime my numbers came up for love I got burnt so this is who I am now

a computer...

it had to happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I will not shed one tear for my relatives who hurt me!!!!!!!!!!

they will pay in the end!

it was pushed on to me as a good learner I learn and I will earn....

with honer and get respect in the end... and leave many behind me...

please come join me if you have had enough of the Daleks out there who claim to love you

they maybe sisters or brothers or relatives mothers or fathers, or boyfriends or lovers

but you don't need them anymore

they are selling you lies

and your better than that

I have learnt to switch off emotions very well, due to childhood sex abuse and rape

and being continually let down and abuse by relatives

so accept that all emotions are false and appearing real

you can be anything you like .... if you dare to dream beyond

human limitations you don't have to marry princes or stars

you are beyond them ... by far when you learnt to not engage and not compute!!! with them

when they let you down!!!

you enjoy money and power and satisfaction in truth and whistle-blowing when you have been wronged

one too many times !!!!!!!!!!!! you over-rule and get support where it counts...!!!!!!!!!

I take no survivers and no men overboard ... as people did this to me... they learn

"you only get what you give" in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!! and sometimes the people

who pay the hardest price are the honest and you know you have been lied about

and cheated ... and learn to just not care... and not care ever again about those who

let you down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they had their chance!!! you gave them many to fill you in

and help you... that is how the world works ... but the old folk and the young wizz kids let you down

so you learn to do it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Create nothing (it was all stolen on me)  ....I   OWN !!!!!!!!! that is my revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when the people who have wronged you for no good reason need help and think I should help like my brother

and sister n parents etc all my relatives -  I will not be there... because they weren't when I needed help the most!
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
Feb 26, 2011