I Am A Christian Girl, And I Wear A Bikini

Those two do not necessarily exclude each other. We are Christians but not like the Amish or some of the REALLY fundamental religious sects.

I like to wear bikinis, probably just like every other girl my age. I'd like to think I look pretty good in them. I get a full bikini wax every spring to kick off the season. A place I've bought from before is www.the-bikini.com They have lots of nice styles, with different degrees of coverage, or should I say non-coverage for some of them. The most daring of mine is called "the teardrop." I love shopping for new anything. My mom told me she better not catch me wearing that if any boys are around. Not to worry mom, I don't think I could work up the courage anyway even if I wanted to. I wouldn't even wear that one in front of my dad.

Most of mine are of decent coverage, at least for a bikini. I'm fortunate that our pool is rather secluded and one would have to hike some intense desert terrain and have a good set of binoculars if trying to sneak a peek.
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Love the bikini's on that web site........ Just what Kacey would wear as well!

Very reasonable :)

gosh!!!! I took a look at the web-site you suggested in your story... WOW... there are bikinis that..well...how could you call them bikini???? ;P

I too have too go far to look for secluded beaches to sunbathe and beach comb in my speedos. And my pool is sorounded by high walls.

Your mom concern is understandable since you have grown up. There is nothing sinful in Christianity if you are comfortable wearing bikinis. You don't expect to make splash in the pool in monk gowns lol

TS92,Let me encourage you -- yes, Christianity and wearing a bikini are not contradictory by necessity. As a Christian man and pastor, what I would encourage will probably be surprising. The Bible encourages modesty -- the Teardrop appears to be designed to promote sexual desire and attraction -- that is where I draw the line for modesty. But on the other hand, what is modest is total nudity on a nude beach. God has designed our bodies to be reflections of Him; we should not be ashamed of them and on a nude beach (and I have been on some), the beauty of God's creation in our bodies can be seen and appreciated, but it is not in a sexual or provocative manner. So here it is -- scrap the Teardrop, but instead go to a nude beach and wear nothing -- only what God designed you with in the beginning. That is far better for a Christian girl/woman to be doing.

omg. omg. omg. i went to that website and saw the Teardrop. needless to say, i will have impaired concentration abilities for the remainder of the afternoon.

Your talk about your teardrop and where you wear it could make stalkers out of pretty much any guy who reads this

They'd have to find me first.

The Teardrop is hot.

Honestly I'm not a fan of bikinis from a modesty point of view but I guess if it's in private it's okay.

There is nothing un Christian or un holy about wearing a bikini or going natural with out any clothing at the appropriate place and time. The tear drop is ultra skimpy bikini and even exhibitionist if not crude. Where do u find an appropriate place to where such a revealing thing? With such little coverage and modesty, why wear anything at all?

good for you you should do as you want

So the guys won't brave the desert for a look at you?

Summer is hot so you have a bikini....If you have a nice body to go with it take care of it and enjoy it!


i am sure your bikins are appropriate for you and your setting. Obviously you can be a little more daring if no one is around. Heck you probably even shower nude. OMG!

Yes, yes. I actually do shower nude.

Humm. Someone would have to take a hike and have a good set of binoculars to sneak a peek. You have a daring bikini called the "teardrop" that your mom won't let you wear in front of men. Young lady, you have an exhibitionist side just screaming to get out. You are young, you have a hot body -- enjoy. You only live once.

You wouldn't be wearing it for long if I were with you. At least the bottoms would be off and my face in your kitty making you ****** over and over and over. . . you get the idea

You are gross and disgusting. The girl was simply says she enjoyed wearing something that made her feel attractive and nice. It is because of people like you that some people think girls have to hide everything. You have no right whatsoever to her unless you were married, and she obviously is not in the slightest looking for sex, and it is obvious you are not marriage material.