I Hate Liberal America.

I hated college because it was full of the dumbest people on Earth, who all thought I was-- I don't know, racist? mean-hearted? selfish? crazy?-- dumb because I spoke with a conservative tongue, despised Michael Moore and his (publicly discredited) bull-sh*t, and argued that Rush Limbaugh (once in a while) made an absolutely valid point. 

I know, I know... hearing the truth *can* be difficult for some people... especially when there's research and/or science to back it up... but I'm Italian; keeping my mouth shut isn't *generally* an option. Plus, it didn't help that most of my classes were pre-law or criminal justice related. I actually got complimented by multiple teachers on "getting the class involved." Which basically meant I was a primary instigator of controversy.


So, I just wanted to say... hello, friends. :)

Snoopy7Chaplin Snoopy7Chaplin
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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

That's what republicans do best...is Hate!