Contralto...My Grandma and I

I use to hear my paternal grandmother sing in deep tones. She would smoothly reverberate with ease spiritual sounding melodies. It would fill my bothers and I up with cheerfulness and excitement. My grandmother as I was told had a rare voice. She passed away in 1988 at the age of about 80. Well fast forward to now I was given this blessing at no real clue to me. My passion of jazz has translated into wanting to dedicate more time and money into developing myself as a singer. I am 34 and I have officially learned that I am a true contralto. Grandma if she was here would have been delighted, because I will train in her honor to bring out the fullness of this voice which can go below D.

Carapyhn Carapyhn
31-35, F
Mar 13, 2009