That's Right, I Disagree With You.

Whatever your position is on something, chances are good that I disagree with you.
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25 Responses Feb 8, 2008

Tate -- I looked up last night, and the sky was definitely a shade of black. I'm not sure where this idea about blue is coming from.<br />
<br />
Bluegrass -- You have the makings of a fine contrarian.

At the moment the sky here is whiteish-grey!<br />
I am such a curmudgeon.

I will now be contrary to everything about myself always.<br />
O no I won't!

That is why I always likes Poe's poem and the quote "Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream".

datura -- Exactly. And there is no real way to know that the characters in your dream, who are really aspects of yourself, have any kind of independent reality outside your dream.<br />
<br />
You are the dream and the dreamer and the deampt.

It is all a dream We are all characters in our own dream, and bit pla<x>yers in the dreams of others.

datura -- I have read nearly everything Castaneda has written, but I'm thinking more in terms of Tibetan dream yoga.<br />
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Bluegrass -- Are you becoming a contrarian yourself?

I strongly disagree with you that you disagree with me.<br />

I would agree. I'm trying to place your possible point of reference. Are we talking Castaneda, here?

datura -- I'm a dreamer, whether asleep or awake, it's all the stuff of dreams.

Is all that we see or seem<br />
<br />
But a dream within a dream?

datura -- Given that you are a character in this EP dream of mine, I suspect that you dream when you sleep as well.

I can dream, can't I, Alan? I can hope! I can aspire!

datura -- Your effort to make me agreeable was only short-term at best. My contrary nature was never far gone.

Darn you, Bluegrass! I finally had him being agreeable until you just had to come along and get him all stirred up again!

datura -- Once again, I agree.<br />
<br />
Bruegrass -- However, I strongly disagree with you. Thanks for re-affirming my contrarianness.

I disagree. You are not a contrarian.

We should have these nice talks more often ,Alan:)

datura -- I'm contradicting myself here by saying that I agree with you completely.<br />
<br />
I don't like sheep and don't want to be one. But being a contrarian all the time is taxing on both me and the people around me.

I think you are right. I don't like sheep or lemmings who just follow other people around agreeing with everything.<br />
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But sometimes, as I said in my first post on this story, it can wear me out when my husband wants to be oppositional about each and every little thing. There has to be a balance, as in all things!

FiFiDelmar -- So, it's obvious? The funny thing is that I'm a lot less contrarian than I was in the past. I've mellowed a lot with age.<br />
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datura -- I think this is a fine quality as long as it is in moderation.

I know exactly what you mean, Alan, and I like you more all the time! I have been this way at some points in my life, and can still be baited into reacting this way.<br />
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And my husband is truly a contrarian also so I really do get it. I really have made a big effort to be more proactive in all areas of my life rather than reacting habitually which is so easy to do!

we know this about you mr. greene!!! haha

datura -- This isn't something I'm always proud of. I find myself being a contrarian even when I don't really want to be one. It's almost a reflexive response.

Aha! I see that I was right! And, I've already got a husband like that so I'm always leery about adding any more of that particular spice to my life!<br />
<br />
Sometimes it is fun to have friendly debates just for the sake of it. But sometimes it just wears me out :)