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i have been with my boyfriend for about 2 years on and off due to my immaturity sort of say. but now that we are living together i notice i am a control freak and i had brought upon myself many problems in my relationship. trust me you dont want to be an insecure control freak. when he goes out to places, i usually dont believe him. i have done wrong to him before and im scared that now that i want to b serious in our relationship he wont be, since he already mention several times that he "knows" that im gonna do him wrong again, but this time i know it wont be like that, and i can tell he doesnt love me like he use to (after all who would after all the damage i caused?) he use to hang with his friends before we got back, and he says he rather rely on his friends than me. but since we got back he hasnt hung out with them because he knows i get bother by it... i hate being this way, it has happened to me bfore in another relationship. the thing is that either i control or get control...... i dont know how to fix this. what should i do?
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1 Response Dec 30, 2010

"either i control or am controlled". I have seen posts by other women, saying basically the same. <br />
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Being controlled is OK. IF he is a Man, not a boy. There are various experiences, and stories, discussing this topic. <br />
Suffice it to say, a Man is honest. A Man communicates. When you give control to Him, He also takes the Responsibility, for your well-being, which goes with that control. A Man is secure in Himself---with His Dominance, His Masculinity, and all that---not someone who has to have everything proved, over and over. <br />
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This story is only three weeks old, so let Me know how you are doing!