Big Argument

I am a control freak.  My fiance and i just had massive fight.  It was over a minor thing, building debris (bricks etc) on front lawn, just asked when it would be moved as we are going away for a few days and i was thinking about security, or thats what i said as he was leaving for the pub. (he got very angry at this and immediatley started shouting that i was nagging him) two mins ago was sobbing and feeling quite distraught.

But i didnt want him to go out drinking again, one of his friends has got alcohol problems and im worried he is a bad influence on my fiance.  He now goes out every friday and Sunday and stays out till really late, while i sit up worrying, is he in a ditch somewhere? what if he is very drunk and is incapable of looking after himself? So i try and stop him going, my uncle died because of alcohol abuse just one month ago this may of been when i changed, i beg him not to go, sit crying on the stairs, please dont go i wail, i feel angry and upset i cant understand it is it because im not getting my way? it makes him worse, stop nagging me he says, no wonder im going out when your being like this but i cant help it, i feel so alone when he is gone, ive got friends and family but dont really want to tell them.

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2 Responses Oct 16, 2009

This sounds somewhat of what I'm going thru, I get mad when my g/f stays after work or goes out drinking with friends. It's very tough to sit there and worry when your other person is out doing who knows what. I hate this feeling....

I don't think that makes you a control freak, it makes you a concerned fiance.