I Am A Convert To Islam Since Aug. 27th 2012

Right now it has been under two months logically and in my heart i know i am a muslimah. The shaytan keeps giving me doubts through non beleivers and my family. I really need to connect with people who were like me or know what Im talking about. I fear Allah(swt) and I want to be counted as a witness of Allah(swt). I love Allah(swt) with all my heart and soul and know that he is only ONE. He is the Almighty. I know that Mohammad)(pbuh) had to be his prophet only those with Allah's(swt) words could deliver such a message of miracles and do such great things. i am afraid i may be strayed by my family and the war i have going on with my family right now. Everything is so hard they all think i converted for my husband i did not. i know Allah(swt) knows best but i feel i must talk about it so i dont talk with the shaytan in my head. I miss Ramadan so much!
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hi..id like to chat to you...pls add me or email me... ukmale9996 @ yahoo com

assalamualaikum warahmatullah sister
how r u?
do know that there r a lot of sister out there who will be there fr u including me.
message me n i will give u my number
am currently living in saudi arabia ,my husband is a canadian,now he is working here alhamdulillah
message me n let me know about ur present
with love
for my sister in islam

Add me oN Fb To KnOW mOre AboUt islam
My id Misbatoni gmal com

AsSalaam wa Alaikum w.r.w.b Sister, how are you?

Sister, I just read your post and just wanted to confirm if any body had answered or are you still wanting to get things off your chest by talking. Also, wanted to confirm if you were still have issues with your family and shaytaan etc. please let me know on your progress - Insha'Allah.

A Muslim just wanting to help another Muslim in need - Insha'Allah.
May Allah make it easy for use, Ameen.

if u hv faith than u'll urslf gain strenth!just blv in mighty one Allah he help his blivers

Salaams, I am too a muslim women who converted, and I'm now divorcing with no other outside muslim influences and need good Muslims peopl in my life, as I feel everyone around me wants me to give up Islam but its in my heart! I cannot, pls someone help me

Dear Sister,

Firstly welcome to the family.... Wow another sister converted its just like wow.... You know how happy it makes the rest of the muslims know that someone else has come to find the "TRUTH". And this happiness is bigger than anything.... Dont you listen to the Shaytan sister.... Again if you know in your heart the truth now.... You wont leave it no matte who comes tell you stuff.... With emaan comes another thing and that beautiful thing is courage and strength.... You are blessed and Inshallah all will be well with you.... Dont worry ok.... Ask Allah to guide you and one thing.... "Smile :)" and remain "silent :|" to the words they tell you and you will see that you will be in a better position.... you see when someone has increased in wealth of emaan he can be termed as a big dollar bill which does not make noise when shaken, its the coins that rattle all the time and have no value.... your silence would be bigger and your smile would show them your strength.... hope i make sense sis :).... remember me in your duas please.... and Salam to your hubby :)

take your trashy false garbage relgion - you deserve to be blockek - muhammed was a false teacher and part of the anti christ

Loveispatient34- May God bless you with a heart that is open to his love. You may have different beleifs. I know mine and I respect what you hold sacred so please do not disrespect what I hold sacred. God Bless you.

i aint disrespecting you but dont demand that i have to follow your religion because the only way you can have a relationship with God is through the Son Jesus Christ - there is no other way - jesus knows God more than anyone that has ever lived

because Jesus is God manifested in the flesh

May God bless you. And peace be upon prophet Jesus. Have a wonderful day dear.

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if you wanna something or wondering about things i'm here ,if you wanna help :))

you must know that Islam is much beyond than a religion of rituals..it's a religion of life
the difference comes that Islam never demands to change your country, family, friends, or even your name...
also there is no need to change your culture unless the aspect that is incompatible with morals of Islam.
so just be your self...keep living in your society...keep contacting your family and friends, be good and kind with them, try to produce your new beliefs, if they accepted you as you are it will be perfect, otherwise you would be comfortable as you did what you should.
and remember there are always new people to meet and new friendships to make..life never stops !

hey u there? What about you? Can you please contact me on abuhamzasim@gmail.com; I am very much keen to help out new muslims till my last breath,,