I Am Not A Felon...yet

but I might as well be. I currently have a felony and a misdemeanor pending on my record. I thought at the very least I could get another job and save money before I am actually convicted. But no, Every job I am applying to is treating me like I am a murderer. I can't say I blame them, but there is no way to prove to them I will never commit a crime like that again. It feels like the life is being sucked out of me. I want to just break down in my next job interview and cry for mercy. I honestly want to make money, pay for what I have done, and move on with my life. They can't read my mind. They don't know me, and it is so disheartening!

You really don't know this kind of suffering until you've gone through it yourself, and I certainly didn't know the meaning of broke before I got myself into this mess. I've had fantastic interviews with jobs, only for them to mail me a copy of my criminal record to shove it in my face. I really didn't know you had to tell jobs about charges pending. Of course I would have told them yes if they asked if I was ever convicted of a felony, but it isn't a conviction yet! And it's not even like I could leave the job [that charged me with the felony] off an application. All they need in this technology absorbed world is my social security number and they have a full work history, every address I've ever lived, and of course- my criminal record and charges pending. 

Criminal records probably do more harm than good in my opinion. It's great for companies to know exactly who they're hiring, but on the other end of the spectrum, how can people possibly have a second chance when these charges are forever an extra limb to them? They might as well write it across their foreheads on a daily basis. Shoplifting for example. When you have shoplifting on your record, you cannot work in the medical, federal, and financial fields. Even as a young adult? Seriously? The nursing student who made a bad decision once has to start completely over and find a new career? I find this absolutely ridiculous. Of course you could get this record expunged, but what is the message they are trying to send? If you have the money, you can get away with almost anything. It's not about teaching people a lesson, it's about who gives the courts and the lawyers the most money! It sickens me!

It is true. I have no one to blame but myself. I am not blaming this corrupt  and horrible world for being in this situation, but it is simply the way this corrupt and horrible world handles it. I do not believe that what I did is punishable by a life sentence of the title, 'felon'. I feel for everyone in this group, because if I am struggling this much, I can't even begin to understand what you go through on a daily basis. I also worry about when I wish to take the New Jersey Bar exam, and my application will be red flagged because of a felony, or whatever this turns out to be. I never would have done what I have done if I knew it could change my whole life like this. I'm never breaking the law again. 
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I would love to chat and get to know you

I have looked through and have not found out if you passed the bar. Did you?

Dont you love how they say....INNOCENT till PROVEN guilty? Such bullshit!
I went thru the same dam thing!
Good luck on the bar

Oh yeah definitely...and thanks:)

why dont you try to resolve it and i guess theres a way to take a bar exam if you complete all the requirements and why would that will be deprived on you then if you are very qualified to take those things.

Basically I can pay a lawyer 1500$ to expunge it from my record in two years. It was lowered to a misdemeanor

Good Luck to you. I'm glad you learned your lesson.

I agree that if you have a criminal record it must be almost impossible to get another job except maybe in acting. Seems like that's the only field that allows forgiveness. I sort of understand because I'm not the best or the brightest and when I interview @ jobs all they see is that I haven't excelled yet in any given field. I've just went from job to job w/o any clear plan or vision. Heck I had plans, they just didn't work out & forever I'll be punished for that. <br />
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I don't like the way the system is either. It is true, if you're good looking & wealthy you CAN get away w/murder. The more money you have the better. When you're wealthy everything is easier, the trick is getting it in the first place. <br />
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It seems that if you have a criminal record that's it for the rest of your life & that's why so many people become repeat offenders because they have no other way to earn a living because no one will hire them. Since your charges are still pending hire the most expensive lawyer you can find (not afford), if this person is good they'll get you off & you'll spend the rest of your life (when you're finally able to be hired now you no longer have charges pending) paying him/her off.

I seriously never understood why people become habitual offenders until now. Those poor people are probably just so desperate they have no where to go, but back to crime.

As for the lawyer thing I definitely am getting a good one