Forever Reminded And Not Allowed To Forget Or Move On!

My story is too long and too indepth to go into but I am looking for felons like myself as a support group to help get through these day to day challenges and how to cope with the whispers and looks.
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I am here for you. It is a very difficult process. I have only been home for 7 weeks and everyone but my family have left my side. I am beginning to realize that the friends I once had are not friends at all, I just thought they were friends in the past, I sold them drugs and they acted like I was important and they actually had me fooled into beleiving that. Move forward in your life try not to look back. I am going into psychiatric treatment because I too face the same issues as you. Join support groups you will be surprised that there are good people out there that will accept you.

you are welcome to message me. I have have my haunting past come up and bite me recently. I thought it was just that "past"... it never goes away.