Oxycontin Addiction Brought Me to My Knees

I was a successful RN with a degenerative spine problem. I was prescribed Oxycontin and for a few years did ok on it. It was a great drug for my pain, but then I had a series of events that lead me into a worse physical condition and depression. I changed jobs but that still didn't seem to change my depression. Eventually I started to abuse my medications. Then I had to quit working because of my health, lost my insurance and began forging prescriptions. I added shoplifting to my crimes to support my habit. I was caught of course.

I learned a lot about some social circles that I never thought I'd be familiar with. I do not regret meeting some of the people I did and now having a true understanding of what a life tied to substance abuse is all about. I think I could have traded places with any of them. I made bad choices and lived the consequences. I got to a point where I knew I'd be dead or in prison if I did not quit; so I did some are not so lucky. I went through withdrawal during Katrina and have not abused opiates since then. I still have some severe pain but I do not accept prescriptions for opiates; opting for non-narcotic treatment. When things get worse I hope there will be other options still.

I've repaired some of the damage in my life, but there are some places that I think are broke. I love this country, but have traveled and if I get things together enough financially, think I'd like to live abroad and start over. I'm trying to re-invent myself in another career as a self-employed individual. I have found some strength in faith and some encouragement in having survived what surely would have lead to my death. It is a chance. It is a difficult rebirthing experience that is probably going to painful, but today I am alive and today I can do a little more to make my life better.

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1 Response Feb 10, 2009

Your comment "but there are some places that I think are broke" really made me sad. I don't think you need to move abroad to start over, it would really only present you with further challenges, plus the loneliness of not having your family and friends to lean on. I hope you continue to strengthen your faith in yourself, you have already accomplished so much! It would be a shame if you could not use your RN experience, and now the experiences you have gained by traveling in the "social circles" you referred to, to at least contribute to the the rehabilitation of others. You have been there, you get it, you got out. You know how to communicate. I wish you all the best as you continue forward with your new life.