My Decision

hai frnds.... i had a frnd who is a girl. I met her in my graduation. I am continuing the frndship with her. she had a lover who is classmate of our class. They both love each other. Only few group of our class know that they are lovers. They maintained it very secretly.Another guy(ZZ) who is of our class had made a very close frndship with me. He said to me one day  suddenly that he loves that girl. Then i understoood  why he is being very close to me these days. He asked that whether that girl had any lover r not. I said NO to him because if i said yes about that matter, The matter would run like a rabbit to the whole class. Now  he is asking about that girl and he is insisting me to introduce her. I didnt . But  that ZZ guy is always saying about how he feels. Now  iam very disturbed about this matter. Recently ZZ said that he is going to propose that girl. what  should i do?. can any one help me in taking a decision?

ram234 ram234
22-25, M
Feb 20, 2010